Nevison Midzi   "Running is not getting there"  Shona Proverb

Tracking in Zimbabwe
Nevison Midzi was born into the Shona tribe of Zimbabwe. A child of the 1940's, he was raised in western Zimbabwe where he began learning tracking skills at an early age. Nevison's assessment of spoor can determine not only when the tracks were made, but the age, sex, speed and direction an animal is walking. He can examine droppings and know whether an animal has been drinking recently, what it has been eating, and whether it is relaxed or nervous. When there's no spoor to follow, his knowledge of the flora and fauna and his keen senses pick up arial sign such as broken sticks or disturbed leaves that are not on the ground.

A man of many talents, Nevison is fluent in Shona, Ndebele, and English. With years of experience behind him, Nevison has gained a reputation for his exceptional tracking ability and for the past seven years has worked almost exclusively with Professional Wildlife Guide Ivan Carter.

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