Mark Crowe   "In search of people, adventure, experience"

Mark filming in Zimbabwe

Physician, Retired Army Colonel, Photographer & Videographer, Mark Crowe's roots lie in Texas. A Texas A&M graduate with a Medical Degree from the University of Texas at Galveston, Mark began traveling internationally early in his Army career. An avid photographer, Mark has a unique ability to capture his experiences through his photographs.

Mark and his spouse, Wildlife Artist Becci Crowe, continue to travel extensively. In the air and off the beaten path for many weeks out of the year, their journeys include repeated trips to different parts of Africa. Documenting an adventure they had searching for endangered Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda, Mark videotaped their experience for the first time. He has never looked back. Founder of Crowe World Media, Mark is Executive Producer of the Documentary "As Close As You Dare - Africa" which recently finished a 2 year run broadcasting on Public Television Stations (PBS) across the United States.

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